Why we rescue pets? So many reasons.

dog rescue

We rescue pets

Why do we do it? Rescue pets need us.

Sometimes, I have to admit it would be easier to get a puppy or a kitten and just start from the beginning. We’ve certainly done that before. But many times, we rescue our pets instead.

It would be far easier to start with a baby. Kittens, puppies and foals are all pretty much blank slates. They haven’t learned any bad habits or defense mechanisms yet. We have a chance of helping them become the pet we want them to be if we do it right.

Unfortunately, there are many, many pets that don’t get the ideal start. Through no fault of their own, they find themselves in situations where they have had to scrape by and defend themselves as best they can. They may have had people who either didn’t know how or didn’t care to take care of them. Or worse. Or they may have been strays; not knowing the benefits of living with people who love them.

Rescue pets need us

These are the pets that need us most. The ones that don’t have anyone to love them. At least not yet.

They usually have problems; physically, mentally and emotionally. They almost always have stories, even if they can’t tell us about them. They need help to recover from their history and learn how to live happily with people and other pets.

Usually, with a little TLC, some good food and a trip or two to the vet, they start morphing into completely different animals. You can see the life come back to them. And they start acting like they belong. Then they start showing you how much love they have to give.

We need them to!

Once they start feeling like they belong, rescue pets have so much love. They seem to really appreciate everything since they didn’t have it before. Each new rescued pet we bring in bonds with the ones that are already here. They have a mutual understanding. It fills our house with love!

Read more about Lincoln, one of our rescue dogs, in my post Why we have a difficult dog.  If you want to rescue a pet, Petfinder usually has a few great ones to consider. Do you have a rescue pet? Tell me more in the comments below.

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