Why does your dog need a custom dog coat?

custom dog coat

A custom dog coat?

Why get a custom dog coat? You love your fur baby. And you want them to be happy and comfortable.

Dogs aren’t always prepared for the weather. A smooth-coated dog gets cold in Minnesota. Likewise, a long haired dog gets hot in Phoenix. They can’t get comfortable. If they get wet, hot or cold, they might need some help. Does your dog need help being ready for the elements?

Once you’ve realized that your dog needs a coat, the job of finding a coat begins.

Getting the right one

You may have noticed that there are a lot of coats on the market. Ready made coats, especially from large chain stores, fit the “average” dog. Your dog might not be like the “average”, however. They may not fit your dog right or may not offer the features you want. if they don’t last, you’ll have to buy another right away.

Give your dog a coat that’s made JUST for them

What if you had another option? Made by De can help! I make each dog coat and include the features you want. I use the particulars of your dog to make a coat that they can be comfortable in. One that lasts. One that allows freedom of movement.

And you like doing stuff with them. Fun stuff like hiking, running or maybe throwing the ball or maybe competitions like agility or flyball. You can help them have more fun and perform better if they’re not too hot or too cold.

So, is it worth it?

If your dog

  • gets hot
  • gets cold
  • doesn’t fit the “average” mold

You might want to consider getting a custom dog coat. It takes a little more effort to start out, but when the coat fits, your dog is comfortable and you don’t have to worry about it. All you have to do is put it on and enjoy your dog! Read Get a cool coat or Can a dog coat help my athletic dog? Or go to Made by De to see more of the custom dog products I make.







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