The Healing Touch for Dogs; a must read.

healing touch for dogs
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Why read “The Healing Touch for Dogs”?

Healing touch is a technique intended to help relax and heal your pets. I just finished reading “The Healing Touch for Dogs” by Dr. Michael W. Fox.  So, I’m a book nerd.  I love reading and learning about new stuff. And I love finding new and better ways to help my animals.  This book is worth at least one more read and probably will be kept close enough to reference any time I have a pet in need.

Dr. Fox is a well known veterinarian, a former vice president of the Humane Society of the United States and author of many books.  He has been outspoken about his views on animals, although I’m not going to discuss those views here.  Whether you agree with what Dr. Fox advocates or not, this book is very educational and objective.

What is healing touch?

Dr. Fox wrote his book, The Healing Touch for Dogs” as a way to use massage and healing techniques along with veterinary care to help keep your pets feeling their best. The title says “Dog”, but the info in this book can really apply to any pets with a little adjustment.

Dr. Fox explains how he uses a combination of techniques to accomplish the overall goal of helping pets. He discusses the benefits of massage and how it assists an animal in recovering from health issues as well as smaller day to day stuff.  I really like the way it takes a holistic approach to healing since veterinary care, while very important, is only one piece of the puzzle.

The book includes a bit of anatomy so you the student can be better able to apply his techniques.  Then it discusses the basics of giving a massage and how you can locate potential problems as well as provide a therapeutic massage.

The section about general health and natural healing really round out the information.  This book isn’t just a “how to” for massage, but takes a more complete look at healing and how pet owners can participate in the process.

Why you should read this book

I have several dogs and horses. Since they often have soundness or pain issues, I’m always trying to find ways I can help them.  I take them to the vet, of course.  But there’s only so much a vet can do.  Techniques that don’t cause harm and might help give comfort sound like a good idea. If they can possibly heal my dog or horse, I’m more than willing to take a look at it.

Reading a book under 150 pages can fit into my busy schedule. And it was written for those of us who don’t have a DVM behind our names. 

Although it was originally published in 2004, it was republished in 2012 and is very relevant to 2019.  “The Healing Touch for Dogs” is a great addition to my reference book library.

Find out more about Dr. Michael W. Fox at his blog, Truth about pet food. 

For more about alternative health care for pets, read Dog health; what’s wrong with my dog.

Have you tried healing touch, or any other alternative healing techniques? Tell me about it below.

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