Dog coat fit. How should they fit?

  How should a dog coat fit?   Dog coat fit. You’ve decided your dog needs a dog coat.  But how do you get the right fit?    That’s not as simple to answer as you might think.  Dog clothes are a lot like people clothes. People clothes fulfill different needs; function, comfort, style, identification, […]

Dog coats, explained. Don’t they have coats?

Do dogs need dog coats? You might wonder about whether dog coats are necessary for your dogs. You’ve probably seen the cute little pampered pooches with their fancy clothes on YouTube or Instagram, right? Their outfits look pretty, but not very functional. And sometimes they’re downright frivolous. But did you know there is another side […]

How to measure for a dog coat

So, your dog needs a coat. You want to keep your dog warm and dry. Do you know how to measure for a dog coat? Where do you go and how do you find one that fits does what you want it to looks good is made to last your dog likes to wear Lately, […]