Pet rescue; it can be a really great thing. If the situation is right.

pet rescue

Pet rescue sounds like a generous thing to do

Pet rescue can be a very generous, fulfilling thing to do. You hear about this dog, cat or horse that needs a home and you want to help, right? However, it isn’t likely that each and every one of them will actually fit into your lifestyle, home and family. In order for this to be a truly great act, you’ll need some information and you’ll have to evaluate whether your situation is the best one for this animal.

It’s everywhere!

I don’t know about you, but I see the ads, social medial posts and television commercials for pet rescue, either to support the rescue or for a specific animal. It’s everywhere, at least for animal lovers like me. And most of the time, I have this thought of “Oh, I want to help……”. But, if I actually took in each of these animals, I’d quickly run out of room, resources, sanity……  It would be overwhelming!

Is pet rescue right for you, right now?

Once you’re over the pull on your heartstrings, hopefully, a little logic will kick in. As much as you want to help, both you and your prospective pet will be extremely frustrated if things don’t fit. You’ll need to consider several factors like

  • Your work schedule. Does it allow time to take care of the pet you’re considering?
  • Your living environment. For example, if you’re renting, are pets allowed?
  • Your family set up. Do you have small kids that don’t know how to be around animals?
  • Your existing pets, if you have them. Do you have a grumpy old man chihuahua who will hate having a rambunctious puppy around?
  • Your knowledge about the type/breed of dog, cat or horse. Do you have the experience and knowledge to give this pet the best home?
  • The types of activities you hope to do with your new pet. Do you plan to barrel race a horse or run agility with a dog?
  • The known or suspected history of your new pet. Have they developed behavior problems that you’ll need to help them with? Do they have health issues that you’ll need to help them with?

You’ve decided you’re ready

After considering as many factors as possible, have you decided you want to go ahead and adopt a specific pet? If you already have one in mind, do you feel ready to give this pet what it needs? If you don’t already have one in mind, have you considered how you want to find your new pet? This is the next step.  The possible sources are many.

  • Your local pet shelter often has many great pets.
  • Online groups like or usually have a good selection of prospective pets.
  • Breed rescues can be helpful in locating a pet if you have some specific type in mind.
  • Social media posts can turn up the right pet for you if you pay attention.
  • Other sources like word of mouth, flyers, etc. might hook you up with your new pet if you are in the right place at the right time.

You have chosen a rescue pet that you want to adopt

If you’ve found a pet you’re interested in, you’ll need to go through the adoption process of the given group or organization.  You might have to meet certain requirements, pay a fee, etc. Each group sets it up the way they think is best.  If you are unable to come to terms, you might have to keep looking for your new pet.

If the requirements work for you and your prospective pet, if you believe you have a situation that is workable for the both of you and you feel it’s right, you are ready to adopt a pet!

In conclusion

Pet rescue can be an extremely generous, fulfilling thing to do.  But not every person is in the right situation to be able to adopt.  Sometimes adopted pets aren’t going to fit with your plans. And that’s ok.

What’s important is that you’ve done your best to set things up to succeed. If you’ve done your homework and are willing to put in the effort, rescued pets can make such a difference in your life. We have three rescues living here right now.  It took some time for everybody to get comfortable, but the effort has been so worth it!

To read about our rescued pets, read my posts A difficult dog! or Why we rescue.

Have you ever rescued a dog, cat or horse? Tell me about it in the comments below.

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