Pet healthcare; traditional or alternative?

Your pet needs healthcare sometimes.

Pet healthcare is super important if you’re going to give your pet their best life. Do you know all the options available for helping your pet look and feel their best?

Traditional pet healthcare

Most people know that a veterinarian is a pet doctor. Vets have been helping pets for as long as we’ve had pets. They go to school for years and years to get all the knowledge they can for keeping your pet healthy. But is getting standard vet care the only way you can help?

I used to believe that going to the vet, doing what they told me to and watching my pet were my only options. But I don’t believe that any more. With all our animals, we’ve had a few dogs, cats and horses that had “something” wrong with them. Sometimes, although they tried, either the vet couldn’t identify the problem or the treatments didn’t fix it.

Alternative approaches

Watching my animals not feeling well wasn’t something I wanted to do. So, having the internet readily available, I started researching when a problem would come up. I’d read the popular blogs. If I thought they were familiar with a problem, I’d talk to other respected people in the pet industry. And I’d buy books. Amazon loves me!

The more I’ve researched, the more I’ve realized that many of the alternative approaches had something to them. Many of them could treat an animal and support what the vet was doing so that problems were resolved or at least decreased.

What approaches did I find?

Here’s a list of many of the approaches I’ve at least heard about. I’m sure there are even more that aren’t here and I haven’t tried everything on the list below, but if you’re looking to help a pet with an issue, these are approaches that might be worth a look.

Acupuncture/Acupressure – a Chinese medicine approach that uses either small needles or pressure at specific sites on the body intended to resolve some problem.

CBD oil – An oil derived from the marijuana or hemp plant (a close relative) that can help with inflammation, chronic pain, anxiety, and more.

Chakra healing – an approach to health through balancing energy centers in the body.

Chiropractic adjustment – the realignment of the skeletal system.

Crystal healing – the use of crystals and stones that are believed to have powers for healing a specific problem.

Essential oils – Oils derived from plants that are believed to have healing powers. Used topically, aromatically or internally, depending on the oil.

Healing touch – a method of energy healing using the hands to balance energy fields.

Homeopathic remedies – uses natural substances to help the body heal itself.

Laser therapy – the use of low level light to stimulate healing.

Magnetic therapy – uses magnetic fields to stimulate healing.

Massage – manipulating the soft tissues in a variety of ways intended to promote healing and relaxation.

Nutrition and supplements – use of food and other substances intended to specifically solve or prevent an issue.

Reiki – a Japanese medicine approach using energy channeled from a higher power, through the practitioner to the intended source for healing and relaxation.

Alternative or traditional pet healthcare?

Which one do you choose? Fortunately, you don’t have to choose only one approach, since many of these can work with the treatment plan from your vet. They can complement each other very well since veterinary medicine involves the scientific, proven route while alternative medicine allows approaches that aren’t as proven but can still be effective. Read Who needs another pet health blog for more about coordinating multiple therapies.

What works?

It depends on your situation and the issues your pet might be having. You’ll want to check with your vet to make sure the approach you’re considering won’t cause more of a problem than it helps before you try anything new.

If your vet gives the go ahead, you can try one or many of these approaches. We’ve been trying combinations on our pets and have found that they’re so much happier and healthier, not to mention pain free.

Find out more about my pet health journey! Read What’s wrong with my dog, Can Reiki help my pet? or A pet chiropractor can help your pets. Or find out more about an animal communicator. They can help you understand more about what your pet needs.

For more information, read one of the blogs I follow; Holistic Pet Care.

Have you tried any alternative therapies? Tell me about it, below.

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