Pet health blog. Why do you need another blog about pets?

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Why write another blog about pet health?

 A pet health blog can give you information and support for caring for your pets. You love your pets, right? But who needs another blog about pet health? You might need one if you’re looking to take care of your pet in a complete, holistic way.
Wouldn’t it be great to have a blog that discusses your whole pet? You have access to tons of options currently, but how can they work together? What are they, exactly and how do they work? Your pet can benefit from using multiple methods at the same time if they’re coordinated. My goal is to take a look at the different approaches to pet health so you can make your whole pet happy.
I grew up with pets of all kinds. The connection between me and my pets makes my heart happy. I also love to help, so I took my need for helping to the animals around me. I constantly seek ways to improve the quality of life for pets.

Approaches to pet health

Anyone who has a pet is aware of the necessity of the traditional veterinarian. A great vet is vital to the health of your pet. They’re the experts at medical care. However, the vet is limited by their scope of practice.
It may not be their place to discuss other approaches. There is too much to cover to allow them to focus on the whole pet. For a great veterinary website, see
There are many other therapies available that can work with the treatment plan from your vet to make your pet’s life better. Other professionals can address the aspects of care that a vet doesn’t, providing a more complete plan of care. That’s what I hope to discuss in my blog; the whole pet.
You know when your pet has something “off” or something could be better. Your vet might not be able to put a finger on it, but you know it’s there. A Google search (I love Google!) can provide a whole list of other approaches, such as
  • training
  • communicating
  • herbs and supplements
  • diet
  • chiropractic care
  • acupuncture/acupressure
  • lasers
  • magnets
  • massage
The list is very long and grows all the time. My goal is to take a look at each of these approaches and explore how they can help your WHOLE pet, either by themselves or in combination with other approaches.

What you can expect?

I plan to pull in the expert advice and opinions of all kinds of professionals to accomplish the goal of helping your whole pet. Please join me. I look forward to hearing your thoughts, ideas and questions about pet health. What kinds of things would you like to discuss?
See posts like this one to find out more. You’ve probably used traditional pet health care for your pet, but have you considered any alternative therapies? Tell me about it in the comments below.

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