New Year Resolutions for Pets

new year resolutions for pets


New Year Resolutions

If you have pets, you might want to consider including them in your resolutions since they’ll most likely be a large part of your life in the new year. Seems like they’re popping up everywhere. Here are a couple, or if you’re looking for ideas.

I’ve come up with a few, as well.  Read on for more. Resolutions you make for your pet might not be too much different than the ones you make for yourself.  That’s a good thing because you and your pets can help each other be successful at reaching the goals you’ve resolved to reach.

New Year Resolution One

Maintaining a healthy weight. One of the most  common resolutions for people as well as their pets is to reach or maintain a healthy weight.  It’s no wonder, really, since having a healthy weight usually leads to feeling better and living longer. You might plan to eat healthy foods more often and to restructure your pet’s diet to include more healthy foods.  The flip side of this is to cut out more of the unhealthy stuff.  You might resolve to eat home cooked rather than take out.  Meanwhile, you could try cooking for your pet instead of feeding kibble or other processed food.

New Year Resolution Two

Getting more exercise.  You and your pet can do this one together.  You and your cat can play together.  If you have a dog, more walks will keep you both moving.  Your horse would enjoy more frequent rides, which will help you both stay in shape. It might take a bit of work on your part to set aside the time, but everybody wins with this one.

New Year Resolution Three

Getting to regular checkups, grooming, or other healthy appointments. You need to see your doctor for your wellness exams.  Likewise, your pets need their checkups to make sure they haven’t developed any problems.  You need your haircuts or dentist appointments, just like your pets do.  You’ll all feel better if nails are trimmed, teeth are maintained and shots are up to date.

New Year Resolution Four

Learning something new.  For you, it could be a new class or reading new books on a subject that would help you improve.  Your and your pets could work on discipline, following commands or other training. At the end of the year you would have all improved in one or more areas.

New Year Resolution Five

Try a new activity.  This is one you could both do together.  Maybe you and your dog could work on agility, hiking, or obedience.  You could try teaching your cat tricks or how to walk on a leash.  If you have a horse, you could try trail riding or going over obstacles.

New Year Resolutions can be great for everybody

It’s a good thing to set goals that you plan to reach for the new year.  Without a plan, they are only dreams.  Don’t expect to be perfect and don’t give up if you have a lapse into old ways.  Habits take practice.  And it does NOT have to be the beginning of a year to make it a worthy goal.  You can start reaching for a goal any time.  With that said, here’s to a Happy New Year for you all!

Read my posts about traditional vs alternative pet care or pet chiropractors, for example, for more ideas.

Do you have new year resolutions that include your pets? Maybe your resolution is just to get back to normal. If so, read my post Pets and Christmas; getting back to normal.  Let me know in the comments below.



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