Last minute gift ideas for pet lovers.

gift ideas

Last minute gift ideas

It’s not too late! Here are a few last minute gift ideas for the pet lovers in your life.

Christmas is almost here.  If you’re like me, maybe the time has flown and you find that you’re not ready yet.  Have you bought gifts for all the animal lovers in your life?

If not, here are some ideas for you.  You can still show your love and make those people and their pets happy.

Give gift certificates

In this age of online shopping, it’s pretty easy to buy a gift certificate for that special animal lover.  You can go to a site of your choice and buy a gift certificate for whatever amount you’d like. They can usually be emailed and/or printed off.  The great thing about gift certificates is that the receiver can choose the item, size, color, etc. so they get just what they want.

Read my post about custom dog coats. A gift certificate for custom item like this could be just the thing.

Sign pet lovers up for classes or training sessions

A person with animals can always learn something new about their pet or pet related activities. You can find classes online pretty easily; anything from pet care to training is available. Or, if you know the activities your receiver is involved in, you could buy training from someone in the field they like.

Offer your time to help your pet lover

Pet lovers sometimes need extra help.  Maybe they need someone to watch their fur kids from time to time.  Dogs or horses might need bathed or groomed, although I’m not too sure cat enthusiasts have this particular need. The list is endless.  The great thing about this one is that it may cost nothing or next to nothing, making this one a great idea for someone who doesn’t have much money for gifts.

Schedule a photo session

Animal lovers LOVE to have great photos of them and their animals.  If you buy a session from a professional photographer, they can schedule it for a time that works best for them. Then they’ll have the quality photos to cherish for years to come.

Make a homemade gift

You can show your love with something you made by hand, just for the receiver of the gift. You can make homemade treats for pets. There are tons of recipes online. Or if they have dogs or cats, you can make toys. YouTube has videos for making all kinds of stuff.  Just type in your idea and a video is probably available.

Give the gift of cash; always a great last minute gift idea.

If nothing else, you can always give cash.  As any animal lover will tell you, the need for a little cash comes up from time to time. It’s not as personal, but cash is very flexible.

Even though the time for gift giving is almost here, it’s not too late to give something that your pet lover and their pet will love.  These last minute gift ideas can help you come up with something great. A little thought can go a long ways to helping you spread the cheer.

What are your favorite last minute gift ideas? Comment below.


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