Get a dog cool coat, have more fun in the summer sun.

dog cool coat

Have more fun with your dog this summer with a dog cool coat.

Your dog needs a cool coat so they can play instead of wilting in the heat. Keeping your pup cool can help prevent heat stroke too. Read on for more information about how a dog cool coat works to help your best friend.

Why does your dog need a cool coat?

With the warmer weather of summer, you and your dog are going to be spending more time doing stuff outside

– Hiking

– Outdoor agility trials

– Playing at the dog park

– Bike rides

– Hanging out

The more your dog does, the more they build body heat. With the already warmer weather, They can reach the level of overheating pretty quickly. A cool coat can help keep them comfortable when their own defenses are beyond their limits.

Read my post from a couple weeks ago, 5 Things Your Dog Would Tell You, to learn how your dog might tell you they’re hot.

But can’t my dog cool itself off?

As much as you like trading in your jackets and boots for shorts and sandals, your dog can’t just shed that fur coat to cool off. Their natural mechanisms are pretty limited. To decrease body heat, dogs

– Sweat, limited to pads of feet

– Pant

– Self limit

– Find a cool spot

These only help so much. The more active your dog is, the less their defenses can help, so your dog gets hot. A dog cool coat helps decrease body heat so the heat doesn’t build as much.


In the last several years, many creative options for keeping your dog cool have appeared on the market.  Cool coats have become more popular, with several different types available. Here are a few.

Evaporative cooling – Soak the coat in water and let it dry, changing the temperature by several degrees.

Reflective – preventing heat by reflecting the sun’s rays away from your dog.

Thermoregulative – space age technology designed to regulate the temperature your dog experiences.

Results vary, depending on preference, climate, activity, etc.

Using evaporation

Evaporative cool coats are a great option since they are inexpensive and effective. Evaporation has been scientifically proven to decrease air temperature.  If you have something damp, you can put your hand close to it and actually FEEL the lower temperature. When a damp cool coat is placed on your dog, they feel the coolness too.  You can watch the panting and restlessness slow down right before your eyes.

Made by De dog cool coats

Take a look at my website for more information about cool coats. I make a variety of cool coat from synthetic chamois. Each one is made just for your dog, so the fit is fantastic! This type of fabric is durable, lightweight and holds onto enough water to keep it damp for hours without being drippy.  Pretty cool stuff! And unlike real sheepskin chamois, it doesn’t get brittle and stiff.  You can let it air dry and then fold it up when you’re not using it. This is one of my must have dog items.

For help in measuring for a dog coat, read Measuring for a dog coat, here. What have you tried for keeping your dog cool in the summer? Tell me about it in the comments below.

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