Do dogs talk? Not in human words.

do dogs talk

Do dogs talk?

Do dogs talk? Pretty much anyone who has been around dogs knows that they don’t talk like we do.  There are Youtube videos with dogs saying “Mom” or “I love you”, but most dogs don’t say words. They aren’t really built to be able to talk like us. Some scientists are still stuck on whether dogs have emotions or not, let alone believing in dog communication, since they need measurable proof.  We don’t exactly have measurable proof, but if we pay attention we know. Dogs DO communicate!

How do they communicate?

Take our dog, Quinn, for example.  She’s an absolute maniac when it comes to ball. She chooses ball over high value edible treats even.  And just because she doesn’t use actual words, doesn’t mean she doesn’t understand them.  We have to spell “B A L L” to try to keep from winding her up.  Although, I’m pretty sure she knows how to spell ball now too. And, if she thinks it’s time to play again, she will find a ball and drop it in my lap or at my feet.  Seems like a pretty strong message to me!

Anyone who has spent much time with dogs probably has stories like this about their furry kids.  Those who pay attention might have a stronger relationship with their dogs because they have a greater understanding of what their dogs want.

How do I know if my dog likes or doesn’t like something?

Basically, I believe dogs show more or less what they are thinking by facial expression, how they hold themselves and by behavior.  Dogs that’re happy get a smile on their faces (I know, not everyone believes they smile, but I do). They look relaxed.  If they aren’t comfortable, they get worried, stand stiffly, and look tense.  When they like something, they seek it out.  Should they not, they avoid it as much as possible (think going to the vet).

What I’ve found with my dogs is that, the more I pay attention and act based on what I’m seeing, the better we do.  My dogs seem happier more of the time if their needs are met. If I try something, I watch their reaction.  They can’t say it in words, but I know if it’s working for them or not.  It isn’t a special “communication” skill.  It’s just simple observation.

What do you  think? Do dogs talk? 

I think anyone is capable of understanding much of what their dogs are thinking or trying to say.  If we go through our busy lives and just do the basic care, we might not see it.  But if we stop and connect, it’s there.  Try it and see.  You might be surprised. What do you think? Let me know your thoughts below.

For more about dog relationships, read my posts about dog anxiety or how dogs understand us.  If you do New Year Resolutions, working to understand your dog might be a good one. As a pet parent, I admit to doing a few “off the wall” things.  See Confessions of a pet lover for more.

Do you understand what your dog is saying? Comment below.

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