What horse supplements does my horse need?

Horse supplements! If you have a horse, you’ve probably heard about tons of supplements that you just “have” to give your horse. You could easily spend hundreds of dollars a month per horse. But would your money be well spent? That depends on a number of factors. Types of supplements You can find a supplement […]

Dog joint supplements; do they prevent pain or just make expensive pee?

Joint supplements for dogs Dog joint supplements; seems like, as we learn more stuff to do for us, they find a way to apply the same thing to our pets.  Joint supplements are no different.  I guess it makes sense.   Dogs get arthritis just like we humans do.  Old injuries, aging or other physical […]

Cat nutrition. What do you feed a cat?

Cat nutrition is important Paying attention to cat nutrition can help your cat live a better life. Everyone knows that living, breathing animals need to be fed.  If they don’t know, they should NOT have any animals, and maybe no plants either.  For the rest of us, we know that cats need to be fed.  […]

Horse nutrition. What should I feed my horse?

Why is horse nutrition important? Horse nutrition is important since they are living beings.  Therefore they have to eat to fuel their bodies and get the vital nutrients they need to be healthy. There are a lot of things that they CAN eat, but are they all going to help your horse in the long […]

Fish oil for pets; what can fish oil do for my pets and should you give it?

Fish oil for pets can be a great addition for a lot of reasons. It’s been recognized for its health benefits for humans for centuries. Did you know that your pets can benefit from it too? But there is a down side. Here’s what you need to know before you decide if you should give […]

Dog food: what should you feed your dog? How do you know?

Dog nutrition is NOT just dog food! Dog food and nutrition has become so much more complicated than it used to be. There was a time when “dog food” was kibble, bought from the store in big bags. But now, dog owners have countless options for providing the best food for their dog. This is […]

A farrier; why do you need to find a good one for your horse?

What does a farrier do? While a farrier can shoe horses, your horse doesn’t always need shoes. Shoes can help with protection from extra rough ground traction on iffy ground or in competition therapeutic support of other issues More importantly, a farrier helps maintain the horse, even if shoes aren’t needed. Much like human fingernails, […]