Must have dog items. Our dog item list; 7 must haves!

Must have dog items. Our dogs need these. If you have a dog, you have a “must have” dog item list; certain items that are routinely handy. They make life with your best friend more fun, easy and/or comfortable. I’ve put together a short list of stuff that our household deems necessary. Your list is […]

Pet health blog. Why do you need another blog about pets?

Why write another blog about pet health?  A pet health blog can give you information and support for caring for your pets. You love your pets, right? But who needs another blog about pet health? You might need one if you’re looking to take care of your pet in a complete, holistic way. Wouldn’t it […]

Starting a business. How did I get started?

Starting a business; in the beginning. Starting a business making custom dog clothes has been an adventure. I have been making custom dog clothes for more than 10 years now (hard to believe……the time has flown!).  I didn’t really think much about making anything for profit before then and certainly about having my own online […]