My horse has back pain? What can I do to help?

My horse has back pain Horse back pain can be a real problem since they need to carry us on their backs when we ride. It’s no wonder that my horse has back pain. Considering the way they are built and what we ask of them, I’m surprised that more horses don’t have this problem. […]

Food allergies. Does your dog have them?

What is a food allergy? A food allergy is when the immune system is attacking a food protein, with all the reactions that result. But how do you know if that’s what is wrong with your dog?Dogs can also have a food intolerance, to beef or dairy, for example. These episodes will usually involve vomiting, […]

FLUTD in cats; what does it mean to my cat?

Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease FLUTD in cats (Feline lower urinary tract disease) also known as feline urinary disease, is a collection of conditions that affect the urinary system of a cat. That’s a really long science-ese definition, but it boils down to this; FLUTD causes your cat to have trouble peeing. It can be […]

A difficult dog! The rewards of having a challenging canine friend

How we came to have a difficult dog A difficult dog has come into our lives, even though we didn’t plan it.  And it hasn’t been easy.  But this is how we ended up with Lincoln and I’m so glad we did. It’s an interesting story, actually. We entered this situation willingly, although we did […]

Preventing dog injuries; can you protect your dog?

Can you prevent dog injuries? Preventing dog injuries; is it possible? The answer is – more often than you think.  Accidents happen all the time, but sometimes a little forethought can minimize the damage that would otherwise be possible. Not all injuries have to happen. How does your dog get injured? It can be so many […]

Pain! How can we help our rescue dog live in comfort?

Lincoln was in pain! Pain control is an important aspect of making your whole pet happy. We’ve learned about new ways to help with pain management while trying to give Lincoln his best life. We rescued Lincoln over a year ago and he has become a part of our family. He was wandering the streets, […]

Heat stroke! What is it? Find out how you can prevent it here.

It’s heat stroke time. Heat stroke time is here. It’s Memorial Day; the unofficial start to summer, with its warmer weather and outdoor activities.  While we humans are having fun, we want to have fun with our dogs too.  But they have some physical differences that are important to pay attention to. Can dogs cool themselves […]

How does a dog cool itself off? Can we help?

How does a dog cool itself off? How does a dog cool itself off when overheating gets to be a problem. Summer is coming and many dog lovers are looking forward to fun in the sun with their favorite canine companions.  Dogs love to run and play.  Sometimes more than they should.  As the temperatures […]