Saying goodbye to your pet. How do you know? Read on for help.

It’s a part of life. Saying goodbye is one of the hardest parts of having animals in our lives.  It’s a very heavy responsibility of pet parents everywhere.  We want to do it in the best way possible. But as much as we hate it, the hard fact is that most animals don’t live longer […]

Horse colic! You can help save your horse!

Horse colic Colic can be one of the worst words to hear when it comes to your horse. Thousands of horses suffer from colic each year and sometimes they die because of it. But do you know how to recognize it and what to do about it? What is colic? It’s a collection of conditions […]

Working with horses can be so complicated. But it’s worth it.

Working with horses can be so complicated Working with horses doesn’t always go the way we expect. Sometimes, things happen that we don’t understand.  Maybe good.  Maybe bad. But they leave us scratching our heads and wondering “Why?”.  When you have something unexpected happen, you have two choices.  You can fight it and try to […]

My horse has back pain? What can I do to help?

My horse has back pain Horse back pain can be a real problem since they need to carry us on their backs when we ride. It’s no wonder that my horse has back pain. Considering the way they are built and what we ask of them, I’m surprised that more horses don’t have this problem. […]