Dog diapers; the whole story

What are dog diapers? Dog diapers are just that; diapers for dogs.  Many people don’t really know or understand them.  But if you have a girl dog in heat or you have an incontinent dog, they can be a lifesaver! Also called dog britches or dog panties, they are intended to help keep things clean […]

Last minute gift ideas for pet lovers.

Last minute gift ideas It’s not too late! Here are a few last minute gift ideas for the pet lovers in your life. Christmas is almost here.  If you’re like me, maybe the time has flown and you find that you’re not ready yet.  Have you bought gifts for all the animal lovers in your […]

Dog coat fit. How should they fit?

  How should a dog coat fit?   Dog coat fit. You’ve decided your dog needs a dog coat.  But how do you get the right fit?    That’s not as simple to answer as you might think.  Dog clothes are a lot like people clothes. People clothes fulfill different needs; function, comfort, style, identification, […]

Can a dog coat help my athletic dog?

Can a dog coat help my athletic dog compete? You have an athletic dog and you want to help them do their best. Can a dog coat help? Maybe so. It depends on lots of factors; fur length and color, muscle mass, face shape and size of dog, as well as their level and type […]

Why does your dog need a custom dog coat?

A custom dog coat? Why get a custom dog coat? You love your fur baby. And you want them to be happy and comfortable. Dogs aren’t always prepared for the weather. A smooth-coated dog gets cold in Minnesota. Likewise, a long haired dog gets hot in Phoenix. They can’t get comfortable. If they get wet, […]

Dog seat belt vs car harness. Which one is better for keeping your dog safe?

Dog seat belts? Why a seat belt for your dog? When you get in the car, you put your seat belt on, right?  At least you’re supposed to because all the studies show that you’re much safer that way in case of an accident.  Same thing goes for your dog.   I recently talked to Dwayne […]

Dog CPR is a must. Do you know what to do if your dog is in distress?

  Dog CPR can be a life saver! Dog CPR; do you know how to do it? Needing to do CPR on your dog is something a dog owner hates to think about.  We love our dogs and want only good for them.  But sometimes, things happen.  In that case, wouldn’t you rather have a […]

Dog coats, explained. Don’t they have coats?

Do dogs need dog coats? You might wonder about whether dog coats are necessary for your dogs. You’ve probably seen the cute little pampered pooches with their fancy clothes on YouTube or Instagram, right? Their outfits look pretty, but not very functional. And sometimes they’re downright frivolous. But did you know there is another side […]

How to measure for a dog coat

So, your dog needs a coat. You want to keep your dog warm and dry. Do you know how to measure for a dog coat? Where do you go and how do you find one that fits does what you want it to looks good is made to last your dog likes to wear Lately, […]

Get a dog cool coat, have more fun in the summer sun.

Have more fun with your dog this summer with a dog cool coat. Your dog needs a cool coat so they can play instead of wilting in the heat. Keeping your pup cool can help prevent heat stroke too. Read on for more information about how a dog cool coat works to help your best […]