New Year Resolutions for Pets

  New Year Resolutions If you have pets, you might want to consider including them in your resolutions since they’ll most likely be a large part of your life in the new year. Seems like they’re popping up everywhere. Here are a couple, or if you’re looking for ideas. I’ve come up with a few, as […]

Last minute gift ideas for pet lovers.

Last minute gift ideas It’s not too late! Here are a few last minute gift ideas for the pet lovers in your life. Christmas is almost here.  If you’re like me, maybe the time has flown and you find that you’re not ready yet.  Have you bought gifts for all the animal lovers in your […]

Why we rescue pets? So many reasons.

We rescue pets Why do we do it? Rescue pets need us. Sometimes, I have to admit it would be easier to get a puppy or a kitten and just start from the beginning. We’ve certainly done that before. But many times, we rescue our pets instead. It would be far easier to start with […]

Working with horses can be so complicated. But it’s worth it.

Working with horses can be so complicated Working with horses doesn’t always go the way we expect. Sometimes, things happen that we don’t understand.  Maybe good.  Maybe bad. But they leave us scratching our heads and wondering “Why?”.  When you have something unexpected happen, you have two choices.  You can fight it and try to […]

Confessions of an animal lover. We think outside of the box.

Confessions of an animal lover. I admit it! Confessions of an animal lover. Animal lovers have a different set of standards than people who aren’t.  I am a life long animal lover and I admit that I think of all things pet related a little outside the box.  We let our dogs sleep with us […]

Horse relationships; What I’ve learned

Horse relationships My horse relationships have taught me lots of life skills. I have barrel horses, as well as dogs and cats. If you have animals, you probably spend time with them. Taking care of them. Teaching them what you want them to do. Learning their ideosyncracies. Hopefully getting to know them and what they […]

The rewards of having a difficult dog

How we came to have a difficult dog This is how we ended up with this difficult dog. It’s an interesting story. We entered this situation willingly, although we did NOT realize just how life altering the decision would be. My husband has always wanted a Belgian Malinois. He’s talked about it for years. We’ve […]

You can’t force it. The best advice!

The best advice I’ve ever received. You can’t force it!Why is this the best advice I’ve ever received regarding my pets, and most likely my life in general? Getting advice If you’ve been doing anything for any period of time, you’ll eventually get advice; probably lots of it. But sometimes that advice is more helpful […]

Uh oh! Mistakes I’ve made with my pets

Mistakes are a part of life. We, as humans, have made them, are making them now and will continue to make them as long as we live. I’ve certainly made my share of mistakes, especially with my pets. The important thing is to keep learning better ways to solve problems as they come up. I’ve […]