Can magnets for pain management help your pet?

How can magnets help your pet with their pain? Magnets for pain management. It’s an interesting idea, really. Can using magnets help your pet get some relief from pain? We ask our pets to perform lots of strenuous activities for us. Or they overwork their bodies on their own. Maybe they just get sore from […]

Dog Hydrotherapy; what is it and how can it help you dog?

What is dog hydrotherapy? Dog hydrotherapy defined. Hydro = water.  Therapy = treatment of a problem.  Then add in your dog.  Basically, it’s using the benefits of water to treat a problem.  While there are lots of variations, it’s basically one of three things;  Whirlpool –  Your dog gets in a whirlpool with warm water […]

Is horse massage a thing? Yes. It is! Your horse will love it!

Your horse wants a massage! Horse massage; your equine partner will love it! Have you ever had a massage? You know that it is super at loosening tight muscles and helping your relax. You might also know that it helps improve your circulation and heal more quickly. Horses get the same benefits as we do. […]