Can animal reiki help my pet? Find out what it is and how it works!

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What is reiki?

Animal reiki is a subspecialty of reiki (pronounced “ray” “key”). Reiki uses universal energy to heal and relax animals with energy. While reiki is known for its use on people, this technique works on animals, things and even situations with great success as well.  The term reiki means “rei” or universal life and “ki” or energy.  It is the idea that everything is connected through energy. Since everything is connected by energy, healing energy can help anyone or anything.

A brief history

Although some form of reiki has been around for centuries, a Japanese man, Usui Sensei, rediscovered it while on a self reflection retreat. He built a whole program, including treating patients and teaching new practitioners. As part of his practice, he also started using reiki symbols and principles for living.  He started his clinic in Japan in the early 1900s. Before his death, he trained many masters to carry on the tradition.

The practice of reiki came to the U.S. shortly after Usui’s death. Reiki masters that were trained by him or his students started their own programs and taught many new students, practitioners and masters. Since some of these practitioners  wanted to use it on animals, a new therapy was started.

What about animal reiki?

Animal reiki officially started as a subspecialty of reiki since people wanted to help their animals in the same way as they had been helped. I found reports of animal reiki starting in the 1970s here in the United States.  Reiki is popular with animal lovers lately since it causes no harm and has such health benefit. People use it on animals to promote relaxation.  It also reduces anxiety and speeds up healing.

Just like a human reiki practitioner, an animal reiki practitioner channels energy with intention to all kinds of animals using the various techniques and symbols. It’s been used on cats, dogs, horses, smaller pets, farm animals and even wild animals with effect. It can be sent directly through the hands or even from some distance. The distance can actually make it more tolerable for sensitive pets or wild animals that aren’t used to human contact.

How does reiki work?

Since we’re all connected through energy, universal energy flows from one place to another easily. The reiki practice believes energy flows from a higher power, through the practitioner as conduit to the intended receiver as it’s needed. No energy is taken from the practitioner.  It just flows through the practitioner like a hose. The receiver’s body/mind know where the energy is needed and sends it there. Since everything is connected with energy, energy goes where it’s intended whether close or over many miles.

As the practitioner directs the energy, the body/mind of the receiver knows where it’s needed and sends the energy to where it can help heal or sooth. Since the energy is positive, it causes no harm. If it’s not needed, it just does nothing. When the energy has done it’s thing, it stops flowing and the session can be completed. As an added bonus, as the energy flows through them, the Reiki practitioner receives healing too.

What can it treat?

People, animals, things or even situations can all receive reiki with benefit. A practitioner can treat themselves too.  In fact, they’re encouraged to self treat as part of training. The positive energy of reiki can be used to treat almost anything. The problem can be physical or emotional and still benefit from reiki.

I know. It sounds a little “woo-woo”.  But they are doing some studies and interviewing people who have received reiki and there seems to be something to it. Energy frequency can be measured as it is emitted.  The higher frequency from trained reiki practitioners can actually be measured and proven. Quite a few human and veterinary hospitals are using reiki practices to help their patients relax for treatment or heal from injuries or surgeries.

Learning more about performing animal reiki or receiving therapy

If you want to try reiki for your pet, you can find practitioners online pretty easily. You just have to google it to find someone in your area. Each practitioner runs their own practice with their specific processes and prices. Although reiki practitioners aren’t licensed, you can find organizations to help ensure that you find a reputable one . One organization that helps pull it all together is IARP, although there are many.

If you want to do reiki yourself, anyone can learn to perform it with training. Classes for working with your own animals or building a practice for working with other animals can be found throughout the country. The ones I found can be completed either online or in person at reasonable rates and in just a few days.

Using reiki on my animals

The more I research this technique, the more I am fascinated with it. I recently took an online class and have been experimenting with all the animals and people in my life. I can feel the energy flowing through my hands and my patients seem to feel it too. They all really seem to like it since they line up for their turn.

The more I practice animal reiki, the more I can feel the energy as it passes through me and toward my subject. With practice, I also recognize problem areas more easily.

I don’t have absolute proof, but I see the positive outcomes with my pets. As I practice, my skills get stronger. I believe enough to keep experimenting and develop my skills.  If nothing else, it helps create some mutually beneficial one-on-one time with those I love.

Have you tried it? What experiences have you had with animal reiki and your pets? Comment below!

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