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What is Animal Reiki?

Animal Reiki (pronounced “ray” “key”) uses energy to heal and relax the receiver of the energy.   The term Reiki means “rei” or universal life and “ki” or energy.  It is the idea that everything is connected through energy.

Usui Sensei started it on humans in Japan in the early 1900s.   More recently, people have used it on animals with alot of success.

How does it work?

Anyone can learn to use this technique since we’re all connected through energy. Energy flows from a higher power, through the practitioner to the intended receiver.

An animal Reiki practitioner channels energy with intention using various techniques and symbols. As they direct the energy, the target receives positive energy where it can help heal or sooth. When the energy has done it’s thing, it stops flowing and the session can be completed. As an added bonus, as the energy flows through them, the Reiki practitioner receives healing too.

What can it treat?

People, animals, things or even situations can all receive Reiki with benefit. Whether it’s hands on or from a distance, the energy goes where it’s needed. The energy never causes harm and doesn’t go where it isn’t wanted. The problem can be physical or emotional and still benefit from Reiki.

I know. It sounds a little “woo-woo”.  But they are doing some studies and interviewing people who have received Reiki and there seems to be something to it. Quite a few human and veterinary hospitals are using Reiki practices to help their patients relax for treatment or heal from injuries or surgeries.

Learning more about performing animal Reiki or receiving therapy

You can find practitioners online pretty easily. You just have to google it. Each one sets up their own practice with their specific processes and prices. One organization that helps pull it all together is IARP.

You can learn to use this powerful energy yourself.  I took an online class recently and have been experimenting with all the animals and people in my life. I can tell they all really like it since they line up for their turn.

The more I practice animal Reiki, the more I can feel the energy as it passes through me and toward my subject. I also recognize problem areas more easily.

I don’t have absolute proof, but I believe enough to keep experimenting and develop my skills.  If nothing else, it helps create some mutually beneficial one-on-one time with those I love.

What experiences have you had with animal Reiki and your pets? Comment below!

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