Dog food: what should you feed your dog?

Dog nutrition is NOT just dog food! Dog nutrition has become so much more complicated than it used to be. There was a time when “dog food” was kibble, bought from the store in big bags. But now, dog owners have countless options for providing the best food for their dog.   Options are offered […]

Why do you need a farrier?

What does a farrier do? While farriers can shoe horses, your horse doesn’t always need shoes. Shoes can help with protection from extra rough ground traction on iffy ground or in competition therapeutic support of other issues More importantly, a farrier helps maintain the horse, even if shoes aren’t needed. Much like human fingernails, hooves […]

Do it again! The power of positive reinforcement

What is reinforcement training and why am I talking about it? I don’t call myself a trainer. Even though I have dogs, cats and horses, I am far from an expert in their training.   What is reinforcement training? Reinforcement training, aka positive reinforcement training, uses the idea that a positive reinforcer given after a […]

Pet health. Who needs another blog?

Why write another blog about pet health?   Who needs another blog about pet health? Wouldn’t it be great to have a blog that discusses your whole pet? You have access to tons of options currently, but how can they work together? What are they, exactly and how do they work? My goal is to […]

Heat stroke! What is it? Can it be prevented?

It’s heat stroke time. Heat stroke time is here. It’s Memorial Day; the unofficial start to summer, with its warmer weather and outdoor activities.  While we humans are having fun, we want to have fun with our dogs too.  But they have some physical differences that are important to pay attention to. Can dogs cool themselves […]

How does a dog cool itself off? Can we help?

How does a dog cool itself off? How does a dog cool itself off when overheating gets to be a problem. Summer is coming and many dog lovers are looking forward to fun in the sun with their favorite canine companions.  Dogs love to run and play.  Sometimes more than they should.  As the temperatures […]

Starting a business. How did I get started?

Starting a business; in the beginning. Starting a business making custom dog clothes has been an adventure. I have been making custom dog clothes for more than 10 years now (hard to believe……the time has flown!).  I didn’t really think much about making anything for profit before then and certainly about having my own online […]