Dog coat fit. How should they fit?

  How should a dog coat fit?   Dog coat fit. You’ve decided your dog needs a dog coat.  But how do you get the right fit?    That’s not as simple to answer as you might think.  Dog clothes are a lot like people clothes. People clothes fulfill different needs; function, comfort, style, identification, […]

Do dogs talk? Not in human words.

Do dogs talk? Do dogs talk? Pretty much anyone who has been around dogs knows that they don’t talk like we do.  There are Youtube videos with dogs saying “Mom” or “I love you”, but most dogs don’t say words. They aren’t really built to be able to talk like us. Some scientists are still […]

Dog anxiety is ruling my life! What can I do?

Is dog anxiety a problem for you and your dog? Dog anxiety; is it ruling your life? Dogs get anxious all the time, but what can you do to help decrease your dog’s anxiety so you can help improve their lives? You want your dog’s health and happiness to be the best they can be. […]

Dog health; what’s wrong with my dog?

Dog health Dog health is tricky. If you’ve owned dogs for any amount of time, you know that sometimes something just isn’t right.  You can’t quite put your finger on it, but they aren’t the happy, enthusiastic pup you’re used to.   Is there a problem? You watch.  You feel them all over.  You check […]

Can a dog coat help my athletic dog?

Can a dog coat help my athletic dog compete? You have an athletic dog and you want to help them do their best. Can a dog coat help? Maybe so. It depends on lots of factors; fur length and color, muscle mass, face shape and size of dog, as well as their level and type […]

Horse colic! You can help save your horse!

Horse colic Colic can be one of the worst words to hear when it comes to your horse. Thousands of horses suffer from colic each year and sometimes they die because of it. But do you know how to recognize it and what to do about it? What is colic? It’s a collection of conditions […]

Horse training problems; Is it you? How can you solve them?

Horse training problems Do you have horse training problems? It happens more often than you think. I am NOT a professional horse trainer, but I do work with my horses. I know I’ve certainly had my share of problems. I’ve been out there, working with this horse or that one, trying to accomplish something. It […]

What horse supplements does my horse need?

Horse supplements! If you have a horse, you’ve probably heard about tons of supplements that you just “have” to give your horse. You could easily spend hundreds of dollars a month per horse. But would your money be well spent? That depends on a number of factors. Types of supplements You can find a supplement […]

Can animal reiki help my pet? Find out what it is and how it works!

What is reiki? Animal reiki is a subspecialty of reiki (pronounced “ray” “key”). Reiki uses universal energy to heal and relax animals with energy. While reiki is known for its use on people, this technique works on animals, things and even situations with great success as well.  The term reiki means “rei” or universal life […]

Why we rescue pets? So many reasons.

We rescue pets Why do we do it? Rescue pets need us. Sometimes, I have to admit it would be easier to get a puppy or a kitten and just start from the beginning. We’ve certainly done that before. But many times, we rescue our pets instead. It would be far easier to start with […]