What a dog would say; 5 things your dog would say if they could speak

Knowing dog language can help us make their lives better. And ours too! 1. Learn the language. Do  you know what a dog would say? Dogs can’t speak words.  You see videos of them saying “I love you” or “Mom”, but they aren’t built to speak like humans. They have their own form of communication. […]

The best advice I’ve ever received; You can’t force it.

You can’t force it. The best advice I’ve ever received is this; You can’t force it! Why is this the best advice I’ve ever received regarding my pets, and most likely my life in general? Getting advice If you’ve been doing anything for any period of time, you’ll eventually get advice; probably lots of it. […]

Why do you have pets? They help us at least as much as we help them.

  We need pets Why do you have pets? I have them in my life because there would be a great big hole without them. They remind me to stay active. Help me remember to play. Make me laugh; even when I didn’t feel like it; until then anyway. They give that unconditional love that […]

Must have dog items. Our dog item list; 7 must haves!

Must have dog items. Our dogs need these. If you have a dog, you have a “must have” dog item list; certain items that are routinely handy. They make life with your best friend more fun, easy and/or comfortable. I’ve put together a short list of stuff that our household deems necessary. Your list is […]

Positive reinforcement training; The power of using positive reinforcement

What is positive reinforcement training and why am I talking about it? I don’t call myself a trainer. Even though I have dogs, cats and horses, I am far from an expert in their training. What is reinforcement training? Reinforcement training, aka positive reinforcement training, uses the idea that a positive reinforcer given after a […]

How does a dog cool itself off? Can we help?

How does a dog cool itself off? How does a dog cool itself off when overheating gets to be a problem. Summer is coming and many dog lovers are looking forward to fun in the sun with their favorite canine companions.  Dogs love to run and play.  Sometimes more than they should.  As the temperatures […]