Aging dogs are part of life

Do you have an aging dog? Aging dogs are a part of life.  It is a well known fact that everything that’s alive will eventually get old and pass away.  It happens with our pets too.  And much too quickly, in my opinion. You first have them enter your life, either as a baby or […]

Training your pets; what is it?

What is training when it comes to your pet? Training your pet is a really good idea.  They don’t think the way we do and usually don’t understand what we expect of them, so we need to help them out a bit. But what IS training when it comes to your pet, exactly?  Training is […]

Saying goodbye to your pet. How do you know? Read on for help.

It’s a part of life. Saying goodbye is one of the hardest parts of having animals in our lives.  It’s a very heavy responsibility of pet parents everywhere.  We want to do it in the best way possible. But as much as we hate it, the hard fact is that most animals don’t live longer […]

Dog diapers; the whole story

What are dog diapers? Dog diapers are just that; diapers for dogs.  Many people don’t really know or understand them.  But if you have a girl dog in heat or you have an incontinent dog, they can be a lifesaver! Also called dog britches or dog panties, they are intended to help keep things clean […]

What is a hot spot? Does your dog have one?

What is a hot spot? A hot spot is a skin irritation, also called moist dermatitis or pyoderma in technical terms. The photo above from shows a typical hot spot.  I found out a whole bunch about hot spots when our elderly Australian Shepherd rescue, Janey, came into our lives. Janey was a nervous […]

New Year Resolutions for Pets

  New Year Resolutions If you have pets, you might want to consider including them in your resolutions since they’ll most likely be a large part of your life in the new year. Seems like they’re popping up everywhere. Here are a couple, or if you’re looking for ideas. I’ve come up with a few, as […]

Pets and Christmas; getting back to normal

    Pets and Christmas Pets and Christmas just go together like peanut butter and jelly, right? In an ideal world, they do.  But what about in real life? The holidays can be stressful for our pets, just like they can be for us humans.  Between all the extra comings and goings, the unfamiliar people, […]

Last minute gift ideas for pet lovers.

Last minute gift ideas It’s not too late! Here are a few last minute gift ideas for the pet lovers in your life. Christmas is almost here.  If you’re like me, maybe the time has flown and you find that you’re not ready yet.  Have you bought gifts for all the animal lovers in your […]

Essential oils for your pets. What’s the buzz?

Essential oils. What are they? Essential oils are compounds that come from parts of various plants. The plants are distilled or otherwise broken down to the oils that are considered essential oils. Each plant has unique properties that may have therapeutic effects on the individual using them. They can be used aromatically (inhaled), topically (on […]

Pet healthcare; traditional or alternative?

Your pet needs healthcare sometimes. Pet healthcare is super important if you’re going to give your pet their best life. Do you know all the options available for helping your pet look and feel their best? Traditional pet healthcare Most people know that a veterinarian is a pet doctor. Vets have been helping pets for […]