Can magnets for pain management help your pet?

How can magnets help your pet with their pain? Magnets for pain management. It’s an interesting idea, really. Can using magnets help your pet get some relief from pain? We ask our pets to perform lots of strenuous activities for us. Or they overwork their bodies on their own. Maybe they just get sore from […]

What my pets have taught me. They make me a better person.

Animals are so smart What my pets have taught me has made a huge impact on my life. But I didn’t realize for quite some time, just how much these intelligent beings contributed to my life. How much do you REALLY know about your pets? You have a pet, but do you know them? I’ve […]

Training your pets; what is it?

What is training when it comes to your pet? Training your pet is a really good idea.  They don’t think the way we do and usually don’t understand what we expect of them, so we need to help them out a bit. But what IS training when it comes to your pet, exactly?  Training is […]

Do dogs talk? Not in human words.

Do dogs talk? Do dogs talk? Pretty much anyone who has been around dogs knows that they don’t talk like we do.  There are Youtube videos with dogs saying “Mom” or “I love you”, but most dogs don’t say words. They aren’t really built to be able to talk like us. Some scientists are still […]

Can a dog coat help my athletic dog?

Can a dog coat help my athletic dog compete? You have an athletic dog and you want to help them do their best. Can a dog coat help? Maybe so. It depends on lots of factors; fur length and color, muscle mass, face shape and size of dog, as well as their level and type […]

Dog joint supplements; do they prevent pain or just make expensive pee?

Joint supplements for dogs Dog joint supplements; seems like, as we learn more stuff to do for us, they find a way to apply the same thing to our pets.  Joint supplements are no different.  I guess it makes sense.   Dogs get arthritis just like we humans do.  Old injuries, aging or other physical […]

Dog Hydrotherapy; what is it and how can it help you dog?

What is dog hydrotherapy? Dog hydrotherapy defined. Hydro = water.  Therapy = treatment of a problem.  Then add in your dog.  Basically, it’s using the benefits of water to treat a problem.  While there are lots of variations, it’s basically one of three things;  Whirlpool –  Your dog gets in a whirlpool with warm water […]

Is horse massage a thing? Yes. It is! Your horse will love it!

Your horse wants a massage! Horse massage; your equine partner will love it! Have you ever had a massage? You know that it is super at loosening tight muscles and helping your relax. You might also know that it helps improve your circulation and heal more quickly. Horses get the same benefits as we do. […]

Fish oil for pets; what can fish oil do for my pets and should you give it?

Fish oil for pets can be a great addition for a lot of reasons. It’s been recognized for its health benefits for humans for centuries. Did you know that your pets can benefit from it too? But there is a down side. Here’s what you need to know before you decide if you should give […]

How to measure for a dog coat

So, your dog needs a coat. You want to keep your dog warm and dry. Do you know how to measure for a dog coat? Where do you go and how do you find one that fits does what you want it to looks good is made to last your dog likes to wear Lately, […]