Perform reiki on your pet. They’ll love it and you might benefit too!

Reiki and your pet Perform reiki on your pet to help them heal, reduce pain, decrease anxiety…..all kinds of things. Reiki is a form of energy healing that anyone can learn to use. You can use this powerful tool to help your pets any time you want to. And it doesn’t take a whole lot […]

Treating pain in pets; how can you help them when they can’t tell you?

Lincoln has been having some bad days Treating pain in pets; how do you know if you’re helping them? If you’ve read some of my other posts, Pain! How can we help our rescue dog or Is hip dysplasia the end?, you may know that we rescued a dog that has numerous pain issues a […]

Can magnets for pain management help your pet?

How can magnets help your pet with their pain? Magnets for pain management. It’s an interesting idea, really. Can using magnets help your pet get some relief from pain? We ask our pets to perform lots of strenuous activities for us. Or they overwork their bodies on their own. Maybe they just get sore from […]

Dogs understand us better than we give them credit for

How do we know if our dogs understand us? Dogs understand us! I firmly believe this, at least in some cases. I haven’t done scientific experiments or anything like that, but I know it to be true with my dogs. Have you ever had your dog respond to something you said to them? If so, […]

Coconut oil for your dog; what can it do for your best friend?

What can coconut oil do for your canine? Coconut oil for your dog. How can it help and why should you consider giving it to your canine best friend? If you look around, you can find coconut oil in all types of products you might use on your dog, from treats, to shampoos to balms. […]

What is acupuncture for pets? It’s easier than you think to use it

Have you heard about this interesting treatment? Acupuncture for pets is a traditional Chinese medicine therapy that involves needles. While this sounds like it might hurt, it doesn’t seem to cause any real discomfort for your pet. The needle placement is easily tolerated, either by people or pets, at least as I’ve observed. It’s been […]

Apple cider vinegar and your pet. How can it help?

Have you heard? Apple cider vinegar can help your pets. Apple cider vinegar has been around forever! Maybe you cook with it. Or it’s possible you use it for cleaning. You could use it to clean your skin or even condition your hair. Apple cider vinegar gets mentioned pretty often online as being beneficial to […]

Pet rescue; it can be a really great thing. If the situation is right.

Pet rescue sounds like a generous thing to do Pet rescue can be a very generous, fulfilling thing to do. You hear about this dog, cat or horse that needs a home and you want to help, right? However, it isn’t likely that each and every one of them will actually fit into your lifestyle, […]

Animal communicator? How can they help you and your pet?

What is an animal communicator? Do you know what an animal communicator is? I googled the question to find out. The definition of animal communicator is difficult to find because the term has several meanings, none of which are completely black and white. This is what I found. Wikipedia defines animal communication as “the transfer […]

What my pets have taught me. They make me a better person.

Animals are so smart What my pets have taught me has made a huge impact on my life. But I didn’t realize for quite some time, just how much these intelligent beings contributed to my life. How much do you REALLY know about your pets? You have a pet, but do you know them? I’ve […]