Apple cider vinegar and your pet. How can it help?

apple cider vinegar for pets

Have you heard? Apple cider vinegar can help your pets.

Apple cider vinegar has been around forever! Maybe you cook with it. Or it’s possible you use it for cleaning. You could use it to clean your skin or even condition your hair.

Apple cider vinegar gets mentioned pretty often online as being beneficial to human health. You’ll find posts about it helping people lose weight or to help relieve arthritis pain. But do you know all the ways it can help your dogs, cats and horses?

What is apple cider vinegar?

It’s made from apple juice that is fermented. This stuff is pretty simple and straight forward; no extra chemicals, coloring, flavoring, etc. You can make it at home if you want to, although I’d rather buy it and save the time.

It seems that most of its benefits come from it’s acidic make up and strong smell. Like most things, it can have some side effects if not used correctly, or too much is used, but it’s fairly harmless.

Pet uses

Our dog, Janey, is getting a hot spot. Poor girl gets them frequently because of food allergies. We try to be diligent in feeding her, but sometimes she gets a hold of foods that disagree with her. Then she starts scratching incessantly, leading to an angry looking hot spot. Read my post What is a hot spot for more about Janey’s hot spots.

At the vet, they would put her on steroid cream and antibiotics, which always upset her stomach. The hot spots clear up, but not without other issues to deal with. I started wondering if there is a better way to treat her problem.

What types of issues can apple cider vinegar help with?

I’ve been hearing about using apple cider vinegar on hot spots, so I started googling. What I found was amazing! Apple cider vinegar is reported to help with so many different things. Dogs, cats and horses all have some issues that can be improved.

The list I found was really pretty long. I had no idea any of these problems might benefit from this simple substance. Most of these uses require special handling or careful measuring, but are worth checking out. Seems to me that whenever a natural option can be helpful, that’s worth considering. Some of the conditions I found that it might help are:

  • Skin irritations and hot spots
  • Insect repellent
  • Various infections
  • Insect bites
  • Arthritis pain
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Other species-specific conditions

Worth doing more research

I started out trying to find a treatment for hot spots, but found so many more possibilities than that. I’m going to have to check out more of these to see what other ways apple cider vinegar can help my animals. I’ll be reading more posts like these from PetMD or to find out more ways to use this stuff.

While I can’t use it on Janey right now since using it on an open sore isn’t a good idea, the next time she starts getting a hot spot, I can start treating it before it gets to this point and prevent some misery for her.

As in any pet health situation, you should double check with your vet to be sure conditions are being treated appropriately. You don’t want to miss something important. The vet is the best first source of advice and treatment.

Have you tried apple cider vinegar with any of your pets? Tell me about it in the comments, below.

For more about helping your pets naturally, read my post Coconut oil for your dog.

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