give your pet their best life

Give your pet their best life! This is a motto I’ve been living by since I was a kid. As an adult, I’ve worked to give my pets what they needed for a happy, healthy life.

I’ve always had pets in my life. I’ve found that each time a new individual comes to live with us, they bring their own special combination of lessons and contributions. These lessons aren’t always enjoyable, but they result in growth opportunities and new understanding of how to better help my animals.

Over the years, I’ve had situations come up that stretched my understanding at the time and helped me become better at giving my pets their best life. Each new situation helped me build my repetoire of skills and knowledge. 

I’ve talked to many people and done Google searches too numerous to count.  Reading books, taking classes, following blogs………… any sources I could come up with.

I am NOT a vet or vet tech, but I do have quite a bit of layman’s knowledge and personal experience that I want to share. As a result, I have started writing about what I’ve learned in order to share my knowledge and compare experiences with other pet lovers who have been through similar situations. 

This blog is intended to share what I’ve learned and my experiences with animals.  Maybe you love your animals and want to help them too.  Follow my blog, let me know what your interests and experiences are. 

Let’s share info, tips and thoughts about pets so we can give your pet their best life.

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