Confessions of an animal lover. We think outside of the box.

animal lover
confessions of an animal lover

We let our dogs sleep with us

The “experts” say that it is unsanitary to sleep with your dogs.  They carry germs and allergens that are not good for us, so they say.  But there’s nothing like snuggling with a beloved pet.  I wouldn’t trade it for the world, even if it does mean stiff joints due to not being able to change positions around the canine bodies. We throw caution to the wind here!  Our dogs, all of them, are welcome to sleep with us.  Usually it’s just a couple of them because things get a little crowded, but we make room.  And we don’t mind the hair and occasional questionable substances that sometimes show up. Too much.

I kiss our dogs on the mouth

I know.  Gross, right.  They eat some pretty nasty stuff.  But when a happy pup with a wagging tail wants to give me some love, I forget all that and kiss them back.  Once in a while, it accidentally becomes a French kiss, but so far I’ve survived without any ill effects. It’s hard to pass up that enthusiastic adoration.

My dogs and I share food sometimes

My dogs are like poker players, watching every move I make.  They know every “tell”. I might be getting a snack, or eating lunch or cooking dinner.  If they hear the rustle of a bag or wrapper, all of a sudden they come out of the woodwork.  And if I curse while cooking, they come running because it might mean I dropped something good. I go from feeling unnoticed to being the center of attention with 7 sets of eyes on me.  How can I disappoint them, right?  I do try to keep it reasonable, but I don’t mind sharing a chip with each of them while I’m eating a few.

Hi Lucky. What’s your name again?

It’s true.  I can remember dog names pretty well.  More than once, I’ve greeted the dog and then remembered that I should greet the person too, only to realize that I don’t remember their name. Admittedly, not very socially aware. Probably should work on that, but so far, I’ve been less than successful. So, if I run into you and your dog on the street, don’t be offended if I talk to your dog first.

Health care?

I rarely go to the doctor.  No time.  Not having any problems. Really don’t want to waste the time.  If I really need to go, it’s to the urgent care or emergency room because I can’t put it off.  But my dogs, cats and horses?  They go pretty regularly.  The vets office knows us pretty well since we’re in at least every couple of weeks or so with one pet or another.  If they hurt, I’m on it.  GI problems or itching, I’m checking them over.  I get to decide what I need to feel healthy, but my pets rely on me and I take that responsibility seriously.

Eating healthy

I cook for our dogs.  I’ve researched so I can make it as balanced as possible for them.  I watch their weights so they aren’t too thin or too heavy.  They all get joint supplements and CBD oil.  Me?  I try to sort of eat healthy. But my meals might be whatever I can grab and often don’t include much planning.  I definitely take care of my dogs better than myself.

New stuff

My dogs have nice collars.  They have pretty coats (made by me; one of the perks of having a dog coat business).  Their beds are new.  My horses have attractive new saddle pads and fancy bridles. If their stuff gets worn, they get new stuff.  I have sweatshirts that are 20 years old.  My boots often have mud or are starting to come apart in one place or another.  But they work.  I’d rather spend the money on my animals.

People who don’t have animals, might think my priorities are a little messed up.  But I disagree.  I owe it to my pets to give them the best of everything, so I don’t mind the extra effort.  

These confessions of an animal lover are true for me

It’s true. I’ve gotten used to being less than sparkly clean most of the time.  Dog hair is on all furniture and clothing and all over the cars.  But we’re all happy.  I wouldn’t trade having my pets for having nice stuff.  Stuff is just stuff.  My pets are uniquely lovable, each one their own individual with their own immeasurable value.  I love my pets.

For more about our pets, read The rewards of having a difficult dog.

As the owner of Made by De,  I am fortunate enough to be able to work with my animals most of the time.  Not always glamorous, but definitely worth it.

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